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Filterra Bioretention Systems

Filterra Bioretention Systems

Our location in Hanover County allows us to be profitable, have growth in the business, develop our employees, and provides a living environment that they can enjoy.

Glen Payton, General Manager, Filterra Bioretention Systems

"Hanover County is an excellent jurisdiction to work with, because they are very business-friendly. They have a low tax rate for businesses, easy access to transportation with many ports and highways nearby, as well as access to great human capital resources. There are many great universities in Virginia, feeding into an experienced and stable workforce for recruiting employees."

Soil experiment at FilterraIn 2001, Hanover welcomed the innovative Filterra Bioretention Systems, a stormwater management company that harnesses the power of nature to capture, cycle and immobilize stormwater pollutants in the treatment of urban runoff.  Filterra's compact and highly efficient design is based on biomimicry -- the practice of using natural processes to remove pollutants in the same way a forest would remove them in a rainfall.

When it comes to business growth, Filterra credits Hanover County with providing plenty of opportunity. Since 2005, they have doubled in size and have added key management staff.  Additionally, Filterra has increased their employment base in a variety of disciplines such as engineering, marketing, sales, R&D, and operations.

"Hanover is centrally located, with access to human capital and a good tax base. I couldn’t think of a better place in which to operate."

Hanover County offers close proximity to excellent colleges and universities -- an asset of which Filterra has taken advantage. Filterra has partnered with Randolph Macon College, Virginia Tech, and the University of Virginia to conduct research for their product development. Filterra also partnered with Virginia Tech's Land Design and Development Institute (LDDI), engaging a number of students as off-site product development interns.

"We’ve done research with Randolph Macon College, Virginia Tech, and the University of Virginia, so that’s another way in which we’ve been able to access technology specifically for our industry."

Filterra and similar companies have found Hanover County is the ideal place to build innovative companies. With some of the state's best public schools and an experienced, educated labor force, Hanover County is the right place to grow your business.

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