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Orbit Logistics

Orbit Logistics

Locating to Hanover was absolutely the right choice–the location, low cost of business, expansion possibilities. It puts us–and keeps us–on the right track for continued growth.

Travers Clemons, President, Orbit Logistics

Orbit Logistics specializes in order fulfillment, third party logistics (3PL), warehousing and distribution. In addition, the company offers value-added services such as kitting, assembly, product return and life-cycle management, and product repair and reconditioning. Ultimately, Orbit strives to provide turnkey solutions for customers, helping them easily and seamlessly manage their business processes and inventory.

Orbit Logistics employeeIn business since 1985, Orbit started out leasing a 5,000-square-foot facility. Today, Orbit owns a 416,000-square-foot facility and 26 acres off Route 1 in Ashland.

Hanover County had the space that this growing company needed, which was a key factor in the decision to relocate in 2010.

“In other localities, there was a limited amount of available space that you could move into as well as expand upon down the road. Hanover, though, has those opportunities. We were able to find a building we could envision being at for quite a long time,” says Travers Clemons, President.

Transportation infrastructure and market access are competitive advantages as well.

“Where we’re located in Ashland, you’re right at the confluence of 64, 295 and 95," says Clemons. "In terms of intrastate distribution, it has great access points to put you in all four segments: Northern Virginia, Tidewater, Winchester and Southwest Virginia. It gives you that ability to get product moving quickly."

“Hanover is within close proximity of the Port of Virginia, and is an efficient gateway for access to East Coast retail networks. By locating in Hanover, we are also able to ship on a next-day schedule to 70% of the U.S. population utilizing economical ground-shipping options with FedEx and UPS.”

Adds Clemons, “This reduction in transit times and shipping expenses is very appealing to our customers and really sets us apart from folks in other states.”

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