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Analytics Corporation

Analytics Corporation

Analytics Corporation, located in Hanover County, provides quality laboratory testing for customers in more than 30 countries. From workplace environmental safety testing to pharmaceutical testing, they deliver rapid results that keep their clients satisfied and compliant with regulations.

Convenient access to major airports and interstates is a major factor to providing Analytics with a strong competitive edge. With the ability to receive samples quickly from remote locations and by streamlining their processes, Analytics expeditiously provides results to their customers.

“We’re beating the local labs in foreign countries by sometimes as much as three weeks. We’re able to give customers around the globe faster test results, even though they are sending them to the United States.”

– Jeffrey Spink, CEO/Owner of Analytics Corporation

Their convenient, central location also affords Analytics Corporation quick and easy access to their customers in Washington, D.C and major East Coast clients. Richmond International Airport, within a 30 minute drive, also facilitates travel to other domestic and foreign markets.

Analytics Corporation moved their facilities to Hanover County in 2006, taking advantage of competitive real estate prices and the business-friendly environment.

“Property tax rates here in Hanover County are terrific, and that has allowed us to use those finances to facilitate all the growth that we have achieved over the last 12 years.”

– James McCarthy, President/Owner of Analytics Corporation

In addition to low business costs, Analytics Corporation benefited from Hanover County’s expedited permitting and plan review process.

“We started construction in October [2005],” says Spink. “By May 1, we had to be operating here. It’s a pretty fast turnaround time to build a 36,000-square-foot laboratory with piped-in gases, all the electricity, and all the plumbing that had to go into it. Hanover County staff worked with us and really made the process a lot better.”

Local universities, including Randolph-Macon College, Virginia Commonwealth University and Old Dominion University, provide Analytics Corporation with a skilled, educated workforce. When employees are hired from outside the area, Spink says the newcomers are pleasantly surprised by Hanover County.

“They are blown away by how affordable it is and how easy it is to live here,” says Spink. “There’s so much here. It’s a fun place to live.”

Spink encourages other businesses to consider locating to Hanover County because the County and the region have so much to offer. Additionally, Analytics is appreciative of the continuous support from Hanover County officials. The availability of quality workforce, infrastructure, and available space are enabling their ability to thrive and grow.

“We have lots of real estate all around us ready for building,” says Spink. “Be our neighbor!”