Hanover’s Perspective

Business First Conducts Business Walk in the Hanover Air Park

As part of the region’s Business First program, Business Walks are held on a regular basis and target specific geographic areas with the goal of visiting as many businesses as possible. This initiative enables economic development staff and volunteers the opportunity to establish connections with existing businesses, provide a direct contact should the business have concerns or questions, and gather information about the business environment in Hanover County.

Hanover County Economic Development hosted its second Business Walk of 2018 on Tuesday, October 30th. This walk, held in the northern part of the Air Park adjacent to Interstate 95, was conducted by nine staff and volunteers who teamed up to visit a total of 32 businesses, including office, warehouse, and manufacturing facilities. These visits revealed that most businesses in the target area continue to be in hiring mode due to strong sales, which is a positive economic indicator of continuing growth. Additionally, businesses overwhelmingly expressed high satisfaction with the quality of life, proximity to markets, and business friendly environment in Hanover County.

Business First Hanover, which is part of the Greater Richmond Partnership, aims to help existing Richmond area businesses prosper by connecting them to the resources needed to grow. If your business would like to be visited by Hanover County Economic Development, please contact Brandon Turner, Existing Business Manager, at bsturner@hanovervirginia.com or (804) 365-6459.

To learn more about Business First Hanover, read about the business walk of the Lakeridge Area conducted in June, 2018.