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Labor & Workforce

In addition to the Richmond MSA’s labor pool of more than 679,000, Hanover County workers commute from surrounding localities. The strong transportation network allows an easy commute to jobs in the metropolitan region from more than 40 localities statewide.

According to data provided by the Greater Richmond Partnership, young people graduating from area high school, college, and other training institutions are the largest continuing source of labor for the long term. Advantages of the Hanover County and Greater Richmond labor market include:

  • access to a very strong labor pool of highly skilled technical workers and white-collar workers
  • more than 15,000 post-secondary degrees conferred each year
  • more than 14,000 public high school graduates each year
  • more than 78,000 underemployed and downsized employees
  • underemployment rate which is well below the national average
  • 2nd lowest rate of unionization among private sector workers in the nation
  • eligibility for several state and local workforce training programs and incentives

Hanover County Based Employers and Workforce: