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Pixel Factory Data Center

Pixel Factory Data Center is a technology service provider offering its international client base essential business capabilities including network redundancy, colocation for enabling data management from within their secure data center, and cloud connectivity.

Scott Brown, owner of Pixel Factory Data Center, describes his company as “an ecosystem where internet connections, content, and data all reside in one location closest to the customer.”

The secret to Brown’s success has been his “lightning fast” service, his vision to fulfill a niche need created by the digital revolution, and his decision to headquarter in Hanover County, Virginia.

Eighteen years ago, Brown was working as a commercial photographer, creating a massive amount of content. When he made the transition from film to digital, he saw a new problem that needed a solution. Thus, the idea for Pixel Factory Data Center was born.

“We realized there was no methodology for storing images and delivering the content to clients reliably,” Brown says.

In response to industry need, Brown built databases that allowed his customers to retrieve their images. From there, the business evolved to storing the images for the customers. Now, Pixel Factory Data Center stores the image content for many companies, including most of the top national NASCAR teams.

A highlight of the company’s growth was landing an account with Ford North America to manage the image content for Ford’s racing interests, including NASCAR, Rally and Drifting events.

“Ford’s content is flying back in here in real time, being retrieved in real time, being displayed on social media, being displayed on websites. Any Ford content in the U.S. is being consumed in and out of this data center,” Brown says.

Choosing Hanover County to headquarter Pixel Factory Data Center was a no-brainer for Brown. Hanover County’s pro-business incentives, the economic development office’s helpful, hands-on approach to supporting start-ups, and the easy accessibility of local government officials were all factors in Brown’s choice.

“We always knew who to call, who to talk to, and they were always open and welcome for answers,” he says.

Clearly, opening shop in Hanover County was a good decision. Pixel Factory Data Center now boasts the largest concentration of fiber in the area, and the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds, having gone from a solely U.S. client base to an international footprint.

Brown is proud of his company’s healthy growth and its location in Hanover County. He says, “Our customers are all over the globe. Our content is traveling all over the globe, all residing and starting and originating in Hanover.”

Happily, Pixel Factory Data Center is positioned for even more explosive growth. They are currently operating at about 30% of their available internet bandwidth, but Brown isn’t resting too comfortably in that position. He anticipates doubling his capacity at a rate of every four to six months.

Pixel Factory is not the only one benefiting from the favorable business environment offered in Hanover County. The company is committed to giving back to the community that has supported and fostered their success. Brown has partnered with RVA-IX, Richmond, Virginia Internet eXchange to drive initiatives that support the local school system.

Through this partnership, Pixel Factory developed something they call a “Neat Rack.” Neat Racks are provided to schools at no cost as learning tools enabling students to learn technologies such as virtualization, voice over IP, and cybersecurity.

“We’re training the future workforce,” Brown says.

Beyond that, Pixel Factory Data Center extends valuable internship opportunities to students at Randolph-Macon College. Students leave understanding fiber technology and server management. Some students have landed jobs in data centers across the country based on the knowledge they gained at the Pixel Factory.

In short, Brown couldn’t be happier with his experience operating his business in Hanover County.

“The big differentiator is the people. The community supports the community. The people are exactly what you’d expect in Hanover County: genuine, trusting, and willing to help,” he says.