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Hiring in Hanover, VA App

Hanover County Economic Development has created the award-winning Hiring in Hanover, VA app. While not designed to list individual job postings, the app provides direct links to the business’ job page or job search website of Hanover-based companies. Each listing also includes representative job openings, a description of the company, address information, a link to the company’s website, and additional instructions about accessing local jobs on each company’s web page.Hanover Job Board App

The app’s search feature will allow employment seekers to filter results based on keywords.  For instance, searching the keyword “sales” will result with a list of Hanover companies that have indicated that they regularly hire sales associates and is included in its representative job openings.

Hanover businesses that would like to be included on the app can print the application here.  Please email completed application to or fax to 804-365-6463. Businesses are required to provide a link to the website location of the job-listing. The job link may refer to a company’s own online jobs  page or another job-listing website such as Indeed, Monster or Craigslist.

For more information about the app, please contact Angela Wright, Marketing Manager at or call 804-365-6461.

Click here to view the app.