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Business Retention Survey

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Company Address*
Does your business have other facilities located outside of Hanover County?
To better understand the scale of your operations, what is the approximate range of your annual sales?
How have sales changed over the past three years?
How has your workforce grown over the past three years?
Do you presently work with local schools and/or colleges on workforce training, internships, pipeline opportunities, etc. to address workforce issues?
If “no”, would you be interested in partnering with local education resources?
Are you familiar with the Hiring in Hanover app?
If “no”, would you be interested in more information on the Hiring in Hanover App?
What are your plans for your business over the next three years?
What issues or challenges, if any, are holding you back from growing and expanding your business?
Are you interested in exporting outside of the United States?
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