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Hanover Foils

After the closure of the Reynolds Metals Company plant in Richmond in 2009, dozens of companies were left without a supplier for the foil they needed for packaging, pharmaceutical products, food products and more. To fill this gap, employees from Reynolds founded Hanover Foils, an aluminum foil manufacturer and supplier.

The team began an extensive search for a location where they could find a skilled workforce and easily serve clients across the nation and the world.

In Hanover County, they found the perfect facility for production: an 80,000-square-foot building with extra acreage to support future growth.

“We started the business here in Hanover County in 2009 after looking at a lot of other places to start the business,” says Howard Hager, President and Owner of Hanover Foils. “Hanover was a great pick. It’s a great place to find employees and have a business.”

Within Hanover County, they found the engineers and mechanically skilled workers with the abilities they needed for success. Almost 80 percent of their workforce lives within the county while other workers can easily commute from surrounding areas.

“The County itself helped tremendously while working with us to start the business, to help find the location,” says Hager. “When we found this 80,000-square-foot building within Hanover County, it was a perfect location.”

Their location in Ashland, Virginia is just 20 minutes from Richmond International Airport, making it easy for their customers to visit for business or pleasure.

“Our customers always enjoy being in the area,” says Hager. “I have some customers who come here for summer vacation because they want to see what’s in Hanover, what’s in Richmond, what’s in Williamsburg.”

With quick access to major interstates including I-95, I-295 and I-64, Hanover Foils can also easily distribute their products to customers in 24 states. They are also located within a short drive of the Port of Virginia, enabling them to serve their international customers.

Happy with their workforce, their facility and the community, Hanover Foils intends to continue to grow their business, hire 20 to 30 new employees and eventually expand on the additional nine acres at their site over the next few years.

“We’ve been very successful and grown exponentially each year,” says Hager. “Hanover County is a great place to locate, a great place to grow. There are so many opportunities here.”