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TSRC, Inc.

TSRC, Inc.

The Supply Room Companies (TSRC), located just north of Ashland, Virginia, provides office supplies, promotional items and break room products to clients in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.TSRC has been able to grow on the business-to-business side from humble roots as a small retail store into a multi-million dollar company that offers free next-day delivery with their own fleet of trucks from a distribution facility right here in Hanover County.

“We’ve grown to be ‘your total office source,’ not just for office supplies, but for break room products, technology products and office furniture. We want to be able to service customers for all that they may need for any office.”

Spurred on by growth, TSRC moved its headquarters and distribution from the City of Richmond to Hanover County in 2000 to provide themselves and their customers with new opportunities. The 200,000 square foot facility stocks about $4 million in product, and the facility has allowed the company to expand what they can offer their customers.

By moving to Hanover County, this burgeoning business supply company was actually getting back to its roots. TSRC is a third-generation family-owned business. Jones’ grandfather started the company on the train tracks in Ashland as a one-stop supply shop for people in the community. Yancey Jones, General Manager of TSRC revealed that “my grandfather, who started the business, was actually mayor of Ashland for quite a while.”

Coming back to Hanover County, however, wasn’t motivated about nostalgia. Their location, which is just off Interstate 95 north of Ashland, is crucial to TRSC’s ability to serve their customers.

“We have customers spread throughout the state of Virginia, in Maryland and in Washington D.C. The access from a logistics and delivery standpoint I think is perfect. We’re located right by Interstate 95 and all the major highways,” says Jones.

TSRC has had no problem finding good workers, as about two-thirds of their approximately 200 employees work here in Hanover County. Jones noted that the employee pool here is “a strong fit for us as we continue to grow our business.”

“I’m confident we’re set up in a place that I don’t need to worry about searching for quality employees as we continue to grow and change.”

Because of the size and flexibility of this new location, TSRC can host their annual customer appreciation event at their own facility, instead of renting out a hotel or show room space. This gives them complete control over scheduling, more space and greater freedom to focus on the production of the show itself. As Jones said, this allows them “to make it a really fun, unique event to bring in a lot of our key customers.”  TSRC busses in customers from all over the state to get to see the facility, meet their people and introduce them to a lot of the new products that can help their businesses.