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Orbit Logistics

Orbit Logistics

Started in 2007, Orbit Logistics was originally a transportation company. After realizing that many companies had trouble finding capacity for their warehouses and fulfillment centers, Orbit Logistics began expanding their business.

They began with a 500-square-foot corrugated steel building that allowed them to do some fulfillment work.

“Through the years, we grew organically,” says Travers Clemons, president of Orbit Logistics. “We were originally based out of Henrico. Once we hit a critical mass, we found availability space and labor-wise in Hanover County.”

In Hanover County, Orbit Logistics now operates in a major warehouse. They fulfill and ship orders for e-commerce companies, sending items straight to consumers. They also provide retail distribution, getting items to big box stores, and provide drop shipping services for third party vendors.

Orbit Logistics found the workforce they needed in Hanover County to power that expansion both now and into the future. Over the years, e-commerce has only grow in popularity, with no sign of slowing down.

The county’s infrastructure was also vital to feeding the company’s growth. Hanover County gives them quick access to major interstate highways, including Interstate 95 running north and south and Interstate 64 running east and west. They are also close to the Port of Virginia, where they can receive international shipments.

Our customers need quick and easy access to consumers. Hanover provided that for us. We’re able to serve 70 percent of the U.S. population from this location with economical shipping.

-Travers Clemons, president of Orbit Logistics

Their prime location and warehouse space allows them flexibility to work with small start-ups with few orders to major retailers with huge orders. The support of Hanover County has also helped the business as it transitioned into the County and then grew larger and larger.

“The county’s been very receptive, and has been a joy to deal with as we’ve looked forward with our growth plan,” says Clemons.

With a strong workforce, support from the government officials, and easy access to major interstates, Hanover County provides Orbit Logistics with a great home for their business.