Hanover’s Perspective

Hanover Foils LLC – Take a Virtual Tour

Hanover Foils is a flexible packaging converting company specializing in confectionary foils, food wrap foils, beverage and dairy foils, industrial foil products, and pharmaceutical, medical and nutraceutical foils. Their products can be found in such places as foil lids of yogurt cups, duct tape, car parts and candy wrappers.

Located in a 80,000 square foot production facility in Ashland, Hanover Foils designs and builds their own production equipment and houses their own R&D lab. Their research and development capabilities enable them to meet the requests of the market with innovative products.

Hanover Foil’s president, Howard Hager, says his business is thriving in Hanover County. “We’re situated in the perfect place to make things happen quickly.”

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