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Morooka America, LLC

Morooka America, LLC

Morooka America, LLC and its sister company, Virginia Steel Specialties, LLC, are the U.S. manufacturing facilities for Morooka Track Carriers. This is the first Morooka manufacturing operation in the U.S., operating under a license agreement with Morooka Co., Ltd.

The manufacturing outfit is comprised of two product assembly plants located in Hanover County. The two production plants encompass a total of 50,000 square feet. One facility is located on Old Richfood Road, near Interstate 295 and Chamberlayne Road; the other is on U.S. 1 north of Sliding Hill Road. The plants are expected to make about 100 machines a year valued at more than $15 million.

Morooka America and Virginia Steel Specialties are part of a family of companies that focus on the Morooka product, and are the two newest additions to the fold. Three other companies—Dominion Equipment Parts, LLC, Morooka USA – East, LLC, and Morooka USA Rents, LLC—round out the group.

Ken Byrd, president of Morooka USA – East, says that Hanover has a number of benefits for business, one being the business climate.

“Hanover has an excellent reputation for being a business-friendly county.”

It’s easy to do business here, continues Byrd. “There’s a good tax structure.”

“Plus, we need to be close to the interstate. Hanover has good roads and infrastructure. We have easy access to major transportation routes.”

The labor pool in Hanover and the Richmond metropolitan area is another asset. Byrd shares that he has had “zero problems finding the right mix of talent for our companies.”

Byrd adds that his employees enjoy living in Hanover, too. “Hanover provides a great environment for raising a family. And employees have said they are very pleased with the school system.”

The future is bright, and Byrd looks forward to the continued growth of the business and the county.

“In 1998, we started with one company and five employees. Today, we have five companies, and we now have 53 employees.”

“We are proud to be bringing jobs to Virginia and to Hanover County.”

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