Innovate. Prosper. Grow.

Innovate. Prosper. Grow.

Business Climate

Hanover County is centrally located on the East Coast, and is part of the Greater Richmond region in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  

Transportation and infrastructure are key assets. Hanover County is served by Interstates 95 and 295, with convenient access to Interstate 64. More than 50% of the nation’s consumers are located within a one-day drive.

Hanover has a business community ranging from Fortune 500 corporate headquarters to advanced manufacturers to vibrant entrepreneurial ventures, which highlights the diverse economic base that's growing here.

The Richmond metropolitan area is a magnet for labor, drawing a workforce from more than 40 localities statewide. The diversity of industries and companies combined with numerous educational institutions and training opportunities provide an ample supply of employees with positive work attitudes and a range of skills and experience for new and expanding companies.

A stable government and sound financial management—including AAA bond ratings from Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch Ratings—show a county that’s as strong as ever, even during this economic downturn.

Hanover’s numerous accolades for business and quality of life further illustrate the county’s strength and assets, and bear testament to its dedication to fostering an economic environment where innovation, prosperity and growth are the norm and profit is not a dirty word.