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Public Utilities

The County's Department of Public Utilities operates and maintains public water and wastewater systems in the Suburban Service Area, the Hanover Courthouse Area and five rural residential subdivisions (collectively known as the "System").

The County provides utility service to approximately 19,930 water customers and 18,178 wastewater customers.  Hanover's public utilities operate as a self-supporting Utility Enterprise Fund, whereby the operations and capital expenditures are funded with revenues generated from customer user fees and one-time fees paid for capacity at the time of connection to the System. County General Fund tax dollars are not used to fund either the operating or capital budgets of the System.  In Hanover, a business's bottom line is enhanced with lower water and sewer charges.  In fact, the County has recently lowered our meter size requirements to provide businesses with savings on capacity fees and bi-monthly base charges.


The County's water system consists of 10 potable water wells, two surface water treatment plants, and 7 water-pumping stations. The water transmission and distribution system is comprised of approximately 387 miles of water lines ranging in size from 2 to 30 inches in diameter.

Facility Capacity (MGD)
Doswell Water Treatment Plant 4.0
South Anna Water Treatment Plant 2.0
Richmond Contract Supply 10.0
Henrico Contract Supply 0.7
Total Supply 16.7
Excess Capacity 8.5

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The County's wastewater system consists of four wastewater treatment plants and 39 wastewater pumping stations. The wastewater collection system is comprised of approximately 356 miles of sewers.

Facility Capacity (MGD)
Doswell 1.0
Ashland 2.0
Beaverdam Pump Station (by contract to Henrico County) 5.4
Totopotomoy 7.0
Total Supply 15.4

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Private Utilities

Voice & Data Communications

Verizon Communications Inc. is the major local telephone service provider throughout the Greater Richmond region. AT&T and Cavalier Telephone are the largest competitive providers. Other telecommunications providers include Comcast, Earthlink, MCI, TMobile and US LEC. 

An extensive fiber optic network with digital switching capability and a Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) with self-healing fiber optic rings insures uninterrupted service. ISDN/PRI is available at all locations served by Verizon. Special Access services (DIS, DS#, OC-12 and OC-48) and Enhanced 911 emergency service are available throughout Hanover and the Richmond metropolitan area.

Internet service providers (ISPs) include Cavalier, Clear, Comcast, Earthlink, Globalweb.net Solutions, HughesNet, LocalNet, Sprint and Verizon. 

Natural Gas

With roots that stretch back to 1850, Virginia Natural Gas serves more than 275,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in southeastern Virginia. Based in Norfolk, Virginia Natural Gas is one of the fastest growing natural gas distribution companies in the country and is known for its outstanding customer service. AGL Resources, the parent company of Virginia Natural Gas, is one of the nation's preeminent distributors of natural gas.


Dominion is one of the nation's largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of approximately 28,200 megawatts of generation, 11,000 miles of natural gas transmission, gathering and storage pipeline and 6,300 miles of electric transmission lines. Local service is provided by Dominion Virginia Power.

Dominion practices environmental stewardship and contributes more than $20 million annually to the environment, education, arts and culture, and health and human services.

Dominion's strategy is to be a leading provider of electricity, natural gas and related services to customers in the energy-intensive Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the U.S., a potential market of 50 million homes and businesses where 40 percent of the nation's energy is consumed.

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) also provides service to the County. REC is a member-owned utility that provides electric service to more than 155,000 connections in parts of 22 Virginia counties. It was formed in 1980 with the consolidation of two cooperatives, Virginia Electric Cooperative in Bowling Green and Northern Piedmont Electric Cooperative in Culpeper. The Cooperative's general office is in Spotsylvania County.

REC maintains more than 16,000 miles of power lines through its service area, which ranges from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The Cooperative serves a variety of residential, commercial and industrial accounts. REC's largest customer is Bear Island Paper Company, the second largest consumer of electricity in Virginia. REC also provides the electricity to such familiar names as Kings Dominion Amusement Park, Merillat Industries, GE Fanuc and DuPont.