Business Success Stories

Anton Paar USA

“We've expanded our workforce from 27 employees to nearly 200 employees, and we have employees from 24 different countries at the Hanover location.”

- Reinhard Eberl, President and CEO, Anton Paar USA

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Hanover Foils

“We’ve been very successful and grown exponentially each year. There are so many opportunities here.”

- Howard Hager, President & Owner

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Remedi SeniorCare

“Our business has tripled since our move to Hanover County, and we’ve added 60 full-time highly specialized positions.”

- Dale St. Clair, Vice President, East Region

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Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center

“One of the area’s biggest assets is its pro-business mindset. It’s a warm, welcoming and collaborative place, with an attitude of positivity.”

- Mark Gordon, CEO

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Target Marketing

“Anyone that is looking to relocate their business should seriously consider moving to Hanover County. I don’t think anybody would be disappointed with the workforce, the traffic, or the business climate.”

- Jim Nathanson, President, Target Marketing

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Analytics Corporation

“The tax situation is very advantageous. That's a real plus. Having our facility in Hanover has resulted in significant savings.”

- James McCarthy, President, and Jeff Spink, CEO, Analytics Corporation

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Morooka America, LLC

“Hanover has an excellent reputation for being a business-friendly county. There’s a good tax structure. Hanover has good roads and infrastructure. And there's a great labor pool.”

- Ken Byrd, President, Morooka USA – East

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TSRC, Inc.

“My grandfather started it as a small retail store right on the traintracks here in Ashland...We’ve grown to be ‘your total office source.”

- Yancey Jones, General Manager, TSRC, Inc.

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