Business Success Stories

Orbit Logistics

“Our customers need quick and easy access to consumers. Hanover provided that for us. We’re able to serve 70 percent of the U.S. population from this location with economical shipping.”

- Travers Clemons, President, Orbit Logistics

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Analytics Corporation

“Property tax rates here in Hanover County are terrific, and that has allowed us to use those finances to facilitate all the growth that we have achieved over the last 12 years.”

- James McCarthy, President, and Jeff Spink, CEO, Analytics Corporation

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Anton Paar USA

“We've expanded our workforce from 27 employees to nearly 200 employees, and we have employees from 24 different countries at the Hanover location.”

- Reinhard Eberl, President and CEO, Anton Paar USA

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Hanover Foils

“We’ve been very successful and grown exponentially each year. There are so many opportunities here.”

- Howard Hager, President & Owner

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Remedi SeniorCare

“Our business has tripled since our move to Hanover County, and we’ve added 60 full-time highly specialized positions.”

- Dale St. Clair, Vice President, East Region

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Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center

“One of the area’s biggest assets is its pro-business mindset. It’s a warm, welcoming and collaborative place, with an attitude of positivity.”

- Mark Gordon, CEO

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Target Marketing

“Anyone that is looking to relocate their business should seriously consider moving to Hanover County. I don’t think anybody would be disappointed with the workforce, the traffic, or the business climate.”

- Jim Nathanson, President, Target Marketing

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Morooka America, LLC

“Hanover has an excellent reputation for being a business-friendly county. There’s a good tax structure. Hanover has good roads and infrastructure. And there's a great labor pool.”

- Ken Byrd, President, Morooka USA – East

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TSRC, Inc.

“My grandfather started it as a small retail store right on the traintracks here in Ashland...We’ve grown to be ‘your total office source.”

- Yancey Jones, General Manager, TSRC, Inc.

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