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Industry Emphasis

Hanover County, though its Strategic Economic Development Plan, has identified specific targeted industries to recruit and foster. These sectors were identified and developed through the existing business base, land use opportunities and the county’s Comprehensive Plan and the employment and educational skills of the local and regional workforce. In evaluating Hanover’s business base, workforce availability and real estate opportunities, specific trends appeared. The companies in these sectors have historically enjoyed strong growth and an ease in attracting qualified employees.

  • IconAdvanced Manufacturing

    Hanover County's strategic location, strong transportation infrastructure, competitive cost of business and stable workforce give advanced manufacturers the keys to prosperity.

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  • IconHealth Care

    The health care industry benefits from cutting-edge research parks and tech incubators, renowned university research programs and a highly educated, well-trained workforce.

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  • IconProfessional Services

    Low tax rates, a robust transportation network and a highly educated workforce make Hanover County the prime site for starting, relocating or expanding a business.

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  • IconSupply Chain & Logistics

    A strong transportation network and competitive tax rates and business costs make it easy for supply chain management and logistics companies to succeed here.

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  • IconDestination Retail

    Prime highway access and low operating costs are among the many reasons destination retailers look to Hanover County to grow their business.

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